About the Chef

Mussa Bey is an Atlanta native raised in the heart of the city. After High School Mussa jumped around looking for his career path and not too long after settling on becoming a Chef. Working in many of Atlanta’s top restaurants around the city he was able to further realize his passion for food and people. After taking a role for one of the world’s leading hotel brands, Mussa was able to take his culinary love and passion on the road. Making stops in Avon Colorado working at a premier luxury ski resort, also St Louis, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, and finally landing himself in Marco Island Florida. Through all of this Mussa stayed constant to one dream, Food Truck and small business ownership. During his time in Marco he was to meet a young lady who would later give birth to their first child, Addison. With that the drive to become an entrepreneur grew stronger. Amidst the pandemic and realizing it was time to get up, get out, and do something. Mussa took the opportunity, while on furlough, to begin exploring his options and researching how to open a food truck. The drive became so overwhelming, also the want to NO LONGER work for the big box corporate types, that Mussa decided to pool all of his resources, leave big box corporate, and start the road to entrepreneurship. He began with #cakejarsby which provides cake jars to those on the go. The concept caught on and Mussa was able to capture a small but loyal following and has been able to continue that journey. In August of 2020 Mussa was able to purchase a truck to further bring his dream of food truck ownership to life. After getting quotes from the major builders in his area, to build out the food truck for him, and realizing that it was just OUT of HIS budget. He took to building the truck from ground up as a way to further appreciate the truck and make the journey all the more worth it. People tend to take care of things that they have their blood, sweat, and tears in. Mussa is currently piece by piece building out his dream and would love for you all to take the journey with him. Please come back periodically for updates on the progress of the truck. Also to make sure you get your #Cakejarsby orders in.